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Always seeking for the perfect wax and glide, we have selected the best riders from all practices. Thanks to their feedback, we can constantly improve the efficiency and simplicity of our wax.

Terje HAAKONSEN, (Norway), Snowboard >>>
Mark ABMA (Canada) Ski Freestyle >>>
Eero ETTALA (Finland), Snowboard >>>
Henrik HARLAUT (Sweden), Ski Freestyle >>>
Aymeric TONIN (France), Snowboard >>>
Vince PAGES (France), Snowboard
Julien HARICOT (France), Snowboard
Florent MAROT (France), Snowboard
Mirjam JAGGER (Suisse), Ski Freestyle
Kevin ROLLAND (France), Frestyle Ski
Alicia BONNAUD (France), Snowboard
Stäle SANDBECK (Norway), Snowboard
Ane ENDERUD (Freeride), Norway

All our riders support MAGIC POTION’s dedication to protect the environment with 100% biodegradable products.



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