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Traditional solid waxes are made of petro-chemicals, glue is added in the form of solvent allowing the fluorocarbons and paraffin to stick together. These products are not bio-degradable and are not good for your health unless you are using masks or ventilators to protect against fumes. Products that are fluorocarbon based are typically used without these precautions too.

Similarly with traditional liquid waxes fluorocarbons are added which is why you will find hazard symbols on the back of the bottle. These products must be used in a well ventilated space or outside. Liquid cleaners typically contain chlorine and other solvents which are also bad for your health.

Magic Potion is formulated without any toxic components – good for the environment and your health.

Magic Potion products do not contain any fluorocarbons, paraffin, chlorine, alcohol or other petro-chemical pollutants.

All Magic Potion products are 100% biodegradable.

Magic Potion gives 1% of their global income to the 1% FOR THE PLANET and supports the MOUNTAIN RIDERS association.



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